Wee Ones Wednesdays

Why not bring your Wee Ones along to our parent and toddler sessions on a Wednesday afternoon between 1pm -2pm. Our session is aimed at children aged 2- 5 years of age and their parents. Taking to the ice at an early age helps to build their confidence and develop co-ordination and motor skills within a safe and child friendly environment.

Our experienced coaches will be on hand to offer support to both adult and child as they learn how to move and skate through various games and fun filled sessions.

Sessions can be pre- booked online for £7.50 for both parent and toddler to take to the ice (£8.50 on the day) and £2.50 if booked online for any additional adult (£3.00 on the day) .

Our next session will be on 8th January and is available to book now!

Terms of Entry

Children under 6 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Refunds are only permitted should we cancel any skating session.

Ensure you are 100% committed to trying ice skating before you purchase your ticket, we are unable to refund your purchase should you change your mind or decide that you do not like ice skating.

Please use the chargeable lockers provided at a cost of 50p per locker. Personal items left unattended and not in a locker will be removed and may be destroyed.

Ice Skating Risks

All ice skaters step onto the ice at their own risk. Customers using the facility for ice skating activity are deemed to have knowledge of and accept the inherent risk which include, but are not limited to Injuries resulting from collision or contact with other skaters, Injuries resulting from falls, Injuries that arise from accidental contact with barriers or any part deemed to be the fabric of the building.

 Ice Skating is NOT suitable for pregnant women and anyone with a heart condition.

It is your responsibility (or your parent or guardians if you are under 16) to assess your wellbeing as being suitable to go ice skating prior to purchasing your ticket and/or entering the facility.


General Rules

Our general safety rules require that you skate in an anti-clockwise direction only.

Do not sit, kneel or lie on the ice or surrounding barriers.

Eating or drinking on the ice prohibited.

No mobile phones or other personal devices are allowed on the ice and the use of such items on the ice is prohibited.

No games of any form allowed on the ice that encourages erratic or speed skating i.e. tig, chase etc.

You are not permitted to skate in chains (groups holding hands etc).

You are not permitted to dart about/across the ice.

You agree to be considerate to all other ice skaters and consider their safety as well as your own at all times.