Association of Scottish Radio Amateurs

Sunday 7 May 2017

10.00am – 4pm

TICKETS: £4.00. Payable on the door.

This event will be hosted in the Braehead arena foyer, upper level of the centre.

The inaugural Scottish Amateur Radio & Electronic Convention is coming to Braehead

Arena on Sunday 7 May 2017. The event will consist of traders, bring and buy, talks and RSGB book stall.

In times gone by, there were rallies and conventions on a regular basis, all over the United

Kingdom, but this was the bygone days. Some will even say the heyday of Amateur Radio in the United Kingdom. However the team that brings you ScottishHamCon believe that to be untrue and thought it was time to show that it could be done again! The team scoured the country looking for the right people with the right

Experience, and the 7th May 2017 is when they will bring it to intu Braehead

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